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To sum up Henry Benett and the Hidden Book of Magic (Part 1) I would say, ‘non-stop action.’

Henry Benett and his neighbour Francesca Lucinda Burlington-Smith are on a quest to find the Hidden Book of Magic.

Within the first few minutes of reading, Henry had been startled by a huge sliver cross in the sky and seen a shadowy figure digging a hole in his front yard.  I was drawn immediately in to the adventure as children would be when reading this book.

Not only is the book quick to introduce action, it is fast paced, with constant new obstacles Francesca Lucinda and Henry have to overcome. Henry Benett and the Hidden Book of Magic would be perfect to be read aloud in a classroom or as a night-time read with your child. The scenes are not too scary with any danger quickly resolved.

Although the action evolves at a fast pace, there is enough detail given for the reader to understand and become involved in each situation trying to predict how Henry and Fracesca Lucinda will resolve their predicament before reading the resolution.

This book would be a great story-starter for children’s own action writing. It shows children when writing action you are the director of the story. The only thing stopping you is your imagination, whatever you can dream up you can write about, whether it is a travelling stone or a half dragon half dinosaur creature.

The word choice in Henry Benett and the  Hidden Book of Magic is ideal for a high-interest, low-ability book. Children  that like adventure books however are reluctant readers.


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